Wat ik deel

Music breaking warsounds. Fieldflowers cracking landmines. Survivors resisting death. Common sense crushing crazyness. Simple creations tilting ruthless destruction.

Survival Tune for a Crazy World  is about all that. Tuning this Tune turns on (re)homing the homeless. By raising Funds and donating. For recovery, reconstuction and rebuilding.

Homelessness grows and will go on growing, unless we stop it. The Survival Tune pulls the brakes and turns on a new movement. An initiative of nonpolipar.net. Fair Use Policy.

A home or not a home, that is where the 'Home Anthem' is all about. For instance, it can be the Anthem for your home, if you like the song and your home. And if you are homeless, this Anthem might support you to go for a new home. Right in your home town or somewhere else.

The Home Anthem is also meant to be connected with special occasions. It can be performed in an informal spontaneous way, or have a ceremonial function in a more formel setting. The music can be performed, or the lyrics, or both, in as many different ways as there are homes in the world.

This special edition of the Home Anthem is connected to the Glasgow Conference about Climate Change, starting 31 october 2021. Climate change brings more and more damage to our environment, including villages, towns, cities. In this way climate change threatens many homes.

How can this Anthem help? Well, we believe in the power of simple words and notes, merged in a proper way, understandable to everybody and easy to join, singing or playing any musical instrument. So let's use this Home Anthem, to give the Glasgow Conference another lastminute boost.

And after that? Shall we enjoy the luxury to forget? Or shall we leave this special edition of the Home Anthem here, as a monument for Glasgow 2021? In honour of succes and solutions, or of unwillingness and failure, or of uncertainty about what has or has not been achieved? We'll see.


Open letter (1)


Status: Open Letter

Date: November 19, 2023

Subject: Warning: Please stay away from the Home Anthem

Adressed to: All African people.



Dear fellow earthlings on the African continent,


This is all about the Home Anthem, that can be found on YouTube by following Home Anthem

My deepest apologies for the case that this Anthem might have reached Africa already. My kind request to all Africans is, to ignore this Anthem completely and  to keep maximal distance. The reason for this request is, that Climate Change may turn this modest song into political dynamite, figuratively speaking of course.

I will explain this. Climate Change will cause and causes already homelessness. Finally it will make many areas permanent unlivable, not in the least on the African continent. The lyrics of the Home Anthem express that homeless victims of Climate Change will find a new home, somewhere around the earth.

Imagine what will happen if Africa should embrace this Home Anthem. It would panic the whole western world, fearing mass migration in its direction, flooding its borders. As a logical consequense, the western countries would feel a tremendous obligation to support Africa very generously inside its own borders, to stop Climate Change as for as possible, and to adapt for the other part. After all, this support might prevent the highly feared mass migration from Africa, to more livable parts of the earth.

Mass migration or massive local support, in both cases the Home Anthem might become a worldwide and urgent trigger, to share the burden of Climate Change more equal and as fair as possible. Undoubtedly this will hurt the prosperous and rich countries by far the most, as you can imagine.

So please (although following Free Use Policy is legal in this case), stay away as far as possible from the Home Anthem. Don’t watch it, don’t listen to it, don’t play it, don’t sing it, don’t spread it!

This is a nonpolitical initiative of the Nonpolitical Party ‘Nonpolipar’. Our slogan is: be fair – do share – be right – don’t fight. So we are more than involved in this matter. Although we try to raise funds to support the struggle against homelessness, this is too big to handle for Nonpolipar, being only a small organisation.

So please, listen carefully. The Home Anthem does not exist. And you never heard of it. Deal?


Kind regards,


Henry Vanderes


PS: We have also sent this warning to twelve African organisations, hoping we will reach all African people. Further on this warning can now be read as an open letter, by visiting nonpolipar.net.